Minnesota River Videos

Watch these short videos capturing the paddler experience

during the 320 mile journey down the minnesota river.  

Paddle Forward 2015 spent 3 days on Listening Stone's Farm. John and Rebecca White were amazing hosts! You can learn more about their farm by reading their blog! listeningstonesfarm.com/

John White is also and accomplished photographer. To learn more and view his photos please check out his website!johngwhitephotos.com/


Besides visiting some of our new favorite places along the upper Minnesota River, we managed to do some great paddling! Check out what we've been up to on the water.

Throughout the trip paddlers interact with people in the community. This week we were lucky enough to stay with Richard and Audrey on their beautiful property, Moonstone Farms. The paddlers share about their experiences and relate it to their personal lives.

Fernando is the Herdsman at Moonstone Farms, we interviewed him and learned about what he does on the Farm.

During this stretch of the synergy between paddlers was strong.  During this Paddle with Paddle Forward event from Vicksburg county park to Redwood Falls, MN we were joined by members of the Redwood Boy scouts and other excited paddlers!



Emily Lipson one of the Paddle Forward Fellows talks about watersheds on the Minnesota River

Mandy Dahlheimer one of the Paddle Forward Fellows talks about agriculture on the Minnesota River

John David Benda one of the paddle fellows talks about river communities, and our experiences along the river.

Learn about the 2015 Paddle Forward Crew!  You'll hear about the goals of Paddle Forward, why the paddlers decided to join the trip, and what they're looking forward to.




Billy Thompson showed us around his Museum, and told us about life in Milan.  Billy is a great story tellers and artist.  


We stayed on Moonstones Farms for 3 days, where we learned about their style of farming. Richard and Audrey were amazing hosts and we're so grateful to have learned from them and to have stayed on their farm.  You can learn more about Moonstone by visiting their website

We love to paddle AND we love to paddle with other people! Paddle Forward paddled from Wegdahl County park to just above Granite Falls, MN with members of the surrounding communities.

Watch the journey of our largest group of paddlers make there way from Land of Memories Park in Mankato, MN to Seven Mile Creek just outside of the city.  This 10 mile journey was enjoyed by 20 people sharing stories and experiences about the Minnesota River. 

Grace Heneghan one of the Paddle Forward Fellows talks about water quality on the Minnesota River.  

Nick Ryan talks about the geology found on the Minnesota river

Watch this entertaining video about the Paddle Fellows and their daily routines

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