Water Trails and You

We passed through Dubuque, Iowa the other day. We learned about water trails and how Dubuque County cares for the river. Dave Johnson, the assistant planner for the city of Dubuque, and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources defines "Water Trails as recreational corridors and routes on rivers and lakes that provide a unique experience for canoeists and kayakers. They provide access points that can be used for planning trips of various lengths and difficulty." These access points make our trip possible by providing us with shelters, restrooms, and maps.

Additionally, He stated that, "Through the education and marketing of the water trail, awareness is also raised. It encourages people to experience the river and reminds people that this is their river too. It is something to be appreciated and all are welcome."

What waterways do you experience near you?

Why are waterways important?

Are those waterways accessible? How could they be more accessible?

Map and Fish Species at the A.Y. McDonald Boat Ramp

Map and Fish Species at the A.Y. McDonald Boat Ramp

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