Hunting and the Mississippi

Duck hunters and people fishing have been a common sight for us throughout the trip. As a hunter myself, I understand the special connection hunters have towards the river. This connection creates an understanding and a respect for conservation and resources management. Deer hunting is regulated by the Department of Natural Resources in each state. Regulations are set to limit the number of animals that can be taken in a season, as well as the number of hunters. Like all resources, hunting must be regulated to avoid the possibility for over hunting and herd extinction.

Activity: Each state's department of natural resources creates a hunting and trapping guidelines book. Find this book and research the guidelines. Does anything surprise you in the book?

My hunting experience has always held an emphasis on safety and respect for the animal being hunted. Through hunting I have explored vast expanses of wilderness in an effort to better understand my quarry. I learned patience by sitting motionless for days on end in silent anticipation for the animal I hunt. While paddling I often think of these moments as I notice the hunters using the water. Luckily, large tracts of public land along the Mississippi River watershed allow for accessible hunting.

What are your thoughts on the hunting and conservation relationship? In what ways do hunters and conservationist seek the same goal and how might they vary?

Do you hunt or know anyone that hunts? What do you, or those you know, like about hunting?

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