"The only source of knowledge is experience.” ~ Albert Einstein

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Our 2015 Paddle Forward team is going into the field to discover what the Minnesota River watershed is all about. 

What is Adventure Learning? Adventure learning is an educational model that connects students and expeditioners through a collaborative online interface. Classrooms learn alongside the paddlers as they explore the land, water, and communities. During the expedition, paddlers share videos, blog posts, and photos about their encounters, discoveries, and daily routines. This provides a real-time narrative for students and teachers to follow in their classrooms.  We understand leaving the classroom can be difficult.so let us bring the river to you though technology and stories!  

Our team of paddlers will interview experts (naturalists, farmers, community members, hunters, native members, scientists, industry specialists, etc) to learn as much as we can about the watershed. We will share this information through an interactive online interface so that your classroom can learn alongside our expeditioners. If your school is near the Minnesota River, we can even stop to meet your students and give a presentation about our experience on the water!  

Becoming a River Ambassador School

1) Have a desire to bring something new and unique into your classroom!

2) Read our blog and explore our base curriculum. To delve deeper, check out our Google+FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

3) Register your class below to be a River Ambassador Classroom. Please let us know how you plan to use our trip in your classroom.

4) Follow our trip! The Paddle Forward expeditioners can visit or video chat with your class!

5) Learn more about how to connect with the paddlers on their adventure.

Major themes on the river:

  • Our Nation’s Rivers
  • Cities along the river
  • Climate Change
  • Energy and the Environment
  • Biodiversity
  • The Places We Live
  • Waste Management Issues
  • Focus on Risk
  • Agriculture and the River
  • Industry and the River

Previous River Ambassadors involvement/activity:

  • Met us along our route
  • Sent us emails, comments, and questions for the expeditioners to answer directly from trail
  • Welcomed the expeditioners into their classrooms to present on their adventure
  • Held ‘River Days’ dedicated to learning about rivers through our story
  • Your class can simply follow our adventure or get creative! An independent project on rivers that you share with us? A map of all of our campsites? Up to you!

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