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Our goal is to discover the people, sights, ecology, industry, and everything in between, and to share these discoveries with you.

This is an interactive journey, and we would love to hear from you! Please read below for what to expect from us and how you can be a part of our adventure.

We are currently on the Minnesota River!  You can use the content at anytime during your school year.  Follow along today and enjoy discovering right along side of the paddlers. 

What to Expect

  • Our watershed-based curriculum is FREE! Registration is required and then you will be given access to the curriculum. 
  • We will post educational blogs through our story map on thematic topics. These topics include:
    • Agriculture:  The impacts on farming practices along the river.  
    • Geology:  The formation of the river and its implications on the watershed today.
    • River Communities:  The relationship between people and the river
    • Native American Significance:  The impacts of history and the native perspective on the Minnesota River Valley.
    • Water Quality:  What is that status of the Minnesota River water quality analyzed through testing and ecological indicators.
    • Watersheds:  What are the factors influencing the impacts on the Minnesota River Watershed today.
  • We will post personal narrative video blogs that describes what we have been seeing and doing through interviews with people we meet, and how individual paddlers feel and reflect about the journey.

Where are our River Embassies? 

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