Girl orgasm before puberty

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Porn Before Puberty? Film Explores Childhood, Parenting in Sex-Saturated Culture

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Sex before puberty (females only) - Mister Poll

Puberty can be an exciting and terrifying time for any girl! Your body is developing, you're starting your period, and your mood is probably swinging all over the place. You may not be sure if you've really started puberty, especially because it usually begins long before you actually notice it. You can tell if you're starting puberty when you're a girl by looking for signs on your body and noticing your changing behaviors and emotions. Try again!
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Puberty in Girls: A Guy’s Guide

Political correctness often makes people forget that children do in fact have a sexuality of their own, just like adults do it's just not as conscious as it is for adults. I'm convinced that many children do masturbate before their puberty. In fact, child psychologists say that children already have a sexuality when they are born and even when they are just 3 or 4 years old, they can derive a sexual pleasure from touching themselves in a very similar way to how it feels for teenagers and adults.
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I'm just curious.. I know guys that masturbate before puberty won't ejaculate, i was wondering that the point is, if they can't orgasm I guess it feels good to masturbate even if you don't orgasm every time
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