Where can adult stem cells be found

Most of the cells in your body have a pre-determined purpose — a liver cell starts out as a liver cell and dies as a liver cell, for example. Body cells divide to create new body cells. When you are young, your cells divide to help you grow. In adults, cells divide to replace cells damaged by illness or injury. When most cells divide, they create two exact duplicates. Skin cells divide to create new skin cells, for example.
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Stem Cells

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Stem Cell Basics | HowStuffWorks

Adult stem cells and embryonic stem cells both give rise to differentiated cells in the body. Stem cells are capable of self-renewing and differentiating into specialized cells in the body. Adult stem cells are localized in several parts of the differentiated cells in the adult body while the inner cell mass of the blastocyst gives rise to embryonic stem cells. A variety of adult stem cells can be found, but embryonic stem cells are derived from the three germ layers. The main difference between adult and embryonic stem cells is that adult stem cells are multipotent whereas embryonic stem cells are pluripotent. What is the difference between Adult and Embryonic Stem Cells.
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How Stem Cells Work

Adult stem cells ASCs are undifferentiated stem cells that exist in tissues and organs. They have two main characteristics. First is that they can self-renew for long periods of time.
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Stem cells are unique cells of the body in that they are unspecialized and have the ability to develop into several different types of cells. They are different from specialized cells, such as heart or blood cells, in that they can replicate many times, for long periods of time. This ability is what is known as proliferation. Stem cell research attempts to take advantage of the renewal properties of stem cells by utilizing them to generate cells for tissue repair and the treatment of disease. Stem cells come from several sources in the body.
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